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Typed Out for Convenience:
(Author Unknown - I found this piece of paper on the ground :P )

  • Take a cheerful view of everything.
  • Trust in God and attend to your own business (M.Y.O.B.W.)
  • Pray for a short memory as to forget all un-kindliness.
  • "Cultivate forbearance until your heart yields a fine crop of it."
  • Give your mouth a holiday, friend-o.
  • Compare your manifold blessings with the trifling annoyances of each day.
  • Do the duty that lies nearest; the second duty will already have become clearer.
  • Be content to do the things you can, and fret not because you cannot do everything.
  • "Never reply in kind to a sharp or angry word; it is the second word that makes the quarrel." (!)
  • Make the best of what you have, and do not make yourself miserable by wishing for what you have not.

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